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More engaged.
More retained.
More growth.

FitFlo's Member Community Engagement Software accelerates member retention, boosts community engagement, elevates trainer productivity, and maximises operator cash flow.

FitFlo Operator Web Portal & AppDashboard on the FitFlo Operator Portal
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technology for the future of fitness

Unlock your data to power personalised engagement

fitflo for operators
Fitflo for operators

Connect your gym.
Engage members.
Improve retention.

Digitise all your gym equipment with FitFlo’s NFC (tap) technology, designed to enhance your member experience and increase retention.

fitflo for members


The most contextually intelligent and personalised app designed to engage and empower members.

fitflo for members
Member Detail page with behavioural insights on the FitFlo Operator Portal
Connected gym experience

Inspired Members.
Empowered Trainers.
Satisfied Operators.

FitFlo’s platform empowers real-time, contextual connectivity thats delivered through a portal for operators and trainers and an app for members.


What our users are saying

“As a beginner Fitflo helped me to navigate my fitness journey with its extensive exercise library.”
FitFlo Beta Program User
“FitFlo has made it so easy to start a workout by connecting my gym and getting a customized workout for me”
FitFlo Beta Program User
“I’ve been in and out of the gym multiple times before, but FitFlo helps motivate me with a new personalized workout each time to keep things interesting”
FitFlo Beta Program User
“FitFlo makes it convenient to smash out quick workouts. It saves me time because all the equipment is connected, so tracking my activity is easy.”
FitFlo Beta Program User
Having an app that connects to my gym is amazing. I love that FitFlo not only knows what equipment I have but it even knows what I do and don’t enjoy doing. I don’t even to have to think about what workout I should be doing and when - it’s already sorted for me before I even step foot into the gym.
FitFlo Beta Program User
FitFlo was a game changer for me. I’ve been to a few gyms but have never been able to go anxiety free. FitFlo changed that and gave me the confidence and motivation to make the gym a regular routine that I love.
FitFlo Beta Program User
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